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Photographer & Videographer

Coquitlam, BC

Everyone has a story to tell
Family Photography + Video

A carefully curated gallery aimed to capture candid and authentic moments. It goes beyond posed shots, focusing on genuine emotion and natural interactions.

Whether in a home setting, outdoors, or during a life event, lifestyle photography tells a story and creates a visual narrative that reflects the essence and uniqueness of each person being photographed.

It's about capturing real-life moments and preserving memories in a genuine manner.

Brand photography is the art of capturing images that visually represent your brand's identity, values, products, and services.

It showcases the personality of your brand through carefully composed photographs, focusing on aesthetics, storytelling, and visual coherence.

I aim to create a consistent and compelling visual narrative that resonates with your target audience, strengthening brand recognition and connection. These images are used across various marketing platforms, from social media to advertisements, to communicate the your key message and leave a lasting impression on consumers.

Videography is a dynamic and creative form of visual storytelling that captures the beauty in your way of life.

It focuses on everyday moments, routines, experiences, and activities that define your family. Through skillful use of lighting, editing, and artistic direction, lifestyle videography creates engaging memories that will last a lifetime.

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